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Heather is a Medina, OH travel agent and owner of Infinite Moments Travel. She specializes in Disney vacations, Universal Vacations, and Cruise Vacations. As a wife and mom, being a travel agent specializing in family travel is important to her. Heather has traveled to Disney and Universal destinations for over 30 years. She is detail-oriented and organized – everything desired in a travel planner. She offers services specifically targeted to successful vacations without having to worry about the planning process. Heather and her husband have four children ranging in age from 28 down to 6 years old! That’s a lot of years of family vacation planning practice.

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Marketing Director

Meredith is the creative genius behind our marketing here at Infinite Moments Travel. Meredith lives in North Carolina. She has a photographic eye with her degree in photography and she brings creativity to our infographics for client use as well as the materials that likely brought you to us in the first place such as our flyers and business cards.

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Travel Professional

Jennifer is a Stow, OH travel agent. She specializes in Disney vacations, and Universal Vacations. In addition to staying up to date in all of her training for both Disney and Universal, Jennifer also frequently travels to the destinations she specializes in. Jennifer will give you custom recommendations for your family vacation. She and her husband live in the Akron area and have three daughters of their own that they love to vacation with.

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Linda is a Peninsula, OH travel agent. She specializes in cruise vacations and all-inclusive vacations. Linda and her husband of 48 years have traveled on nine cruises and visited multiple all-inclusive resorts.  Linda has traveled to multiple Caribbean locations, Hawaii, the Panama Canal and many US destinations as diverse as New York Times Square to the Grand Canyon and Hawaiian volcano fields over the years.  Linda has experienced many travels with family by car, air and ships and also included extra excursions. Linda and her husband are now planning their tenth cruise!  They have traveled on Princess, Celebrity, and Royal Caribbean cruiselines, so she has a lot of personal travel experience. Linda will personalize your adventures, starting with the first day of planning through all your travels.

You can contact Linda HERE for a consultation to start the process of planning your vacation or you can email her HERE

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Sydney is a Stow, OH travel agent. She specializes in Disney vacations, and Universal vacations. Sydney and her husband have traveled together every year since being together. They now have two children who they share their love for travel with. Sydney fell in love with all things Disney as a child and is currently planning her own family trip to Disney World to share with her small children. She cannot wait to help make your dream trips a reality!

You can contact Sydney HERE for a consultation to start the process of planning your vacation or you can email her HERE

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Alice is a Hudson, OH travel agent. She specializes in Cruise Vacations and All-Inclusive vacations. She loves to travel with her family and on her own. She takes multiple vacations a year and is usually planning her next as soon as she returns. She has traveled all over the United States and multiple countries in the Caribbean and Europe. Alice’s love of travel is evident in her efforts to provide the best experience for her clients.

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Steven and Meredith are Cape Carteret, NC travel agents. They specialize in Disney vacations, Universal vacations, and multiple cruise companies for Cruise Vacations. Both born and raised in Akron Ohio, Steven and Meredith have traveled the world extensively and lived overseas in Europe for three years. During Steven’s twenty years of service in the Marine Corps, he and Meredith traveled through most of Europe, the Mediterranean and have taken more than seven cruises. Additionally, Steven has travel experience in Asia, Scandinavia, and the Middle East. Steven and Meredith have two young children and are a family that loves to travel.

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Kellie is a King George, VA travel agent. She specializes in cruise vacations and all-inclusive vacations. Ever since she and her husband took their first cruise, she has been obsessed and spends much of her free time watching travel videos and planning her next vacation. She has traveled all over the Carribean, the Bahamas, and to parts of Mexico. Learning all about new destinations, new ships, and new tours is her passion, and she brings that joy into helping her clients plan the best vacations possible. 

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Rachel is a Milton, WI travel agent. She specializes in Disney, Universal, and All-Inclusive vacations. In her free time, she love to travel with her daughter. She has been to Disney, Mexico, Jamaica, and Punta Cana.  The biggest joy she gets from being a travel professional is helping other families make their dream vacation come true. 

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Tia is a Jonesboro, AR Travel Agent. She specializes in all inclusive resorts & Alaskan adventure/cruises. Eventually European travel adventures.She loves to travel with her guys and experience new cultures, foods, music and art. Disney, Universal (Harry Potter fan), Alaska (favorite), Canada, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Colorado, NYC are all favorites for her!  

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Jordan is a Stow, OH travel agent. She is married to her senior year sweetheart, and they have two young kids (son and daughter). Her love for travel is because she wants to make her children’s childhoods memorable and let them experience the excitement of new places and how beautiful nature can be across the globe.  

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Jen and Josh are from Rittman, OH and are both high school teachers. They specialize in All-Inclusive vacations and Cruises. As a married couple with two kids, they understand the importance of creating magical moments together. Jen and Josh are fueled by their love for adventure and creating unforgettable memories with family and friends. That’s why they bring their personal touch to every itinerary they craft, ensuring that each trip reflects your unique style and preferences. Get ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime!

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